Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Solstice, y'all!

It still blows my mind that after we have been sweating and swatting mosquitoes and eating nothing but watermelon for a month, one day people wake up and say, "Hey! Today is the first day of Summer!"

And after we have been freezing and hanging out in front of the wood stove and skiing and eating bacon sandwiches for several months, one day people wake up and say, "Hey! Today is the first day of Winter!"

When they let me Decide Things, I'm going to make the solstices the midpoints of summer and winter, and the equinoxes the midpoints of spring and fall, shifting each official season back by half a quarter. Doesn't that make more sense? Why don't they let me decide things?

In any case, the days are growing shorter now! And today I saw my first fireweed bloom! It's getting late, summer is getting drunk, time to ski... :)

In other news, apparently some people Outside of Alaska are "freaking out" (and I am mourning the state of journalism) over a satellite photo that visually shows our heat wave. Because global climate change. Not because they sympathize and will Fed Ex us watermelons.

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mdr said...

Time to ski soon? You are like those fashion designers who push out new lines of winter coats in the summer time and new bikinis in Nov :)