Monday, August 19, 2013

Berries! Berries! So many berries! Holy OMG ZOMG !!!

There are so many blueberries this year that it warranted a front page Minor News article.

I have never seen so. Many. Berries. All of the most popular local picking spots, which generally get picked clean early, are still producing tons, as if every picker is the first picker!

Last weekend, M, K, M3, and three dogs and I backpacked into the closest White Mountains BLM cabin, and spend the weekend hanging out and picking moooooore berries. I already had 1.5 gallons, so only picked another three quarts. M, too, was nearing her limit of sanity and only brought one quart container. K and M3 brought four gallon containers and filled them all in just a few hours!

So... many... berries. It was really difficult to walk the 7 miles to the cabin without stopping and snarfing them down. We kept telling ourselves, "Nooo.... No.... ignore those! We need to drop the bags first!" but we kept raking out handfuls and snarfing them down like bears.

Linden sez, "I wanna be in the photo!"

So. Many. Blueberries.

Crowberries and cranberries will be ready next! Good thing we get a break of a few weeks before they ripen!

Lunch time!

Linden sniffing and snorffing the changing air. Fall is coming.

M3 through the eyes of the WOLF!

Berries berries berries holy crap somanyberries:

Linden sez, "Nap time!"

K and M3 agree:

We have a lovely view to the rest of the granite White Mountains:

We went to bed early (9 p.m.) and woke up early (6:30). Good mawnin! We are fuzzy and cuddly!

And we are foot-to-foot with K, M3, and Buzz!

Buzz cuddles with his mama:

Buzz is a real, honest-to-goodness, no-foolin' puppy and even drives Linden nuts. He races around in circles while my two genteel elderly ladies hide in the bushes.

Best. Breakfast. Evar. Oatmeal to berry ratio by volume: 1:1

Dowgies wait patiently for us to pack:

Goodbye, Lee's Cabin! Thank you for another lovely weekend!

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mdr said...

The cabin looks like an outhouse. Berries are huge and we pay big $ for them here. I'd like to help you with them.