Thursday, August 8, 2013

Veggies for the week

The good folks at Rosie Creek Farm continue to impress me. Look! It's an eggplant! You know... that thing that loves hot weather?

Here is a green onion frittata. Because green onions.


mdr said...

what is the thing next to the eggplant? White cabbage? I see a purple cabbage, good stuff.

Cook the white cabbage and well chopped smaller portion of purple cabbage with sugar, soy sauce and vinegar, yummy.

Arvay said...

That is a good idea! That thing is a kohlrabi:

b said...

You can use lemon juice (at the end after removing from heat) instead of vinegar. Sweet and sour cabbage is apparently also European/Russian. I had it as a side dish at a Ukrainian restaurant once and was like, whoa that's like what mudder makes!

b said...

I meant to type eastern european