Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tanana Valley State Fair report

After receiving numerous photos and reports of behbehgoatage having occurred at the Fair , I finally went.

First I had to catch my friend C play music with his band, since it was time-specific. These cute little kids were dancing around the lawn in front of them.

Then... BAYBEE GOATS!!!!



All the kiddies wanted to meet the behbehgoats. Their breeder was a very nice young man:


She chatted with me for a bit.

"Hey! I'm a goat! Wanna hang out? I promise I won't yell."

"So, how was your day?"


Piggie schnozz!

The crowd in the rare sunshine! This is my first year seeing NotRain at the fair!

A cucumber that looks like a dragon!

Gourds and things:

The winning cabbage this year was only a modest 54.15 pounds. I wonder why, with our record heat?


mdr said...

Cucumber looks more like a snake, very uncrowded in the fair. I guess it is the beauty of a small town.

EverydayElizabeth said...

Cabbage don't like heat, they prefer cool weather.

Arvay said...

Wow I really do learn something new every day. Thanks! :)