Thursday, May 1, 2014

New building

A new engineering building is under construction here. Ground was broken just about a year ago, and walking around the area has been unpredictable since then (Today you can't use the stairs. No, wait, you can! Today that entrance is closed. Nope, it's open!). The building will connect the current engineering building with the business building, and part of the whiz-bang-slideshow proposal mentioned a hope that the physical connection would foster working relationships.

On site now is he biggest crane I've ever seen up close:

It's quite a scene, even from off campus:


1 comment:

Rena said...

Hmmm, connecting the business people with the engineering people, eh? If my Dave were commenting, he'd have some rude words to say about the business majors practicing their free throw skills and playing video games while the engineering students were working their asses off in the lab.
There ought to be a tunnel between the engineering building and one of the humanities buildings - like the English department. The tutoring opportunities (not to mention dating opportunities) would be epic.