Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Another side of the White Mountains

Last weekend, we five beasts decided to give a different trail head a look. This one is apparently very musher-friendly:

Nice views appeared as we gained elevation:

But when we got to a muddy patch, we saw this:

And decided to go no farther!

What do y'all think made this?

Wolf? Malamute?

Our three mini-wolves enjoyed a lunch break:

Autumn smiling in her nap:

Remnant of a can of "Black Hawk Luncheon Meat". Google reveals that this dates from the 40s to the 60s.

Do you think the transition to retirement has been stressful on Starbuck?


gina said...

Thanks for the the pictures!

obifolder said...

I do so enjoy your blog!

DJC said...

Great photos! Thank you, as always, for sharing!