Thursday, May 15, 2014

Snuggle dowgs

"We can TOO fit in this bed together!"

Linden sez, "Nnnnmmff! My eye!"

DL sez, "What? Do I smell? There's plenty of room on the couch!"


Allmycke said...

Love your house, the dogs and the fact that you also have DL. I wish... but maybe I'm too picky! But Loki is good company and the one who keeps me active.

Arvay said...

@Allmycke; it's true what they say. Once you are truly comfortable being alone, and don't feel sad and wish you had someone, someone comes out of nowhere...

DL and I have both had our share of crappy relationships and crappy life experiences. Sometimes we staaaaart to wish that we had met sooner and spared ourselves and each other that past pain, but no, not really! Those were paths we needed to walk.