Thursday, May 29, 2014

Starbuck, the trailer dog

Both my older girls are at the vet today having benign tumors removed, so Starbuck is here with me in the office. The only time I ever left a dog alone in the house was when Linden got spayed. I left Autumn home alone, and she tore the venetian blinds off the windows, among other havoc-wreaking. I was amazed as I had never seen either dog destroy anything except for their own rawhides. Now we have a strict no-dogs-home-alone policy.

Starbuck sez, "Where are my sisters? Why am I all alone? Roooooooo!!!"


Rena said...

orrrrrr....she's saying:
I am an only child today! I have my human aaall to myself. I can have treats, I can get petted by all my human's coworkers, I can have all the attention! I got to ride in the car all by myself and got to look out ALL the windows, unobstructed.
Where are the other .... oh, nevermind!

Arvay said...