Monday, June 12, 2017

I finally got to pet a behbeh reindeer!

As a wedding gift, RS gave us a gift certificate for a tour at Running Reindeer Ranch. The family raises tame reindeer and gives educational tours, while they talk about reindeer and take you on walks through their birch forest with the reindeer. I followed their Facebook Feed, and one day this spring, they announced that their new calf was joining the herd on walks with visitors! So I immediately booked our visit. BEHBEHREINDEER!





Obligatory tourist photo:

I got to pet her and fuzz! She was fuzzy!


mdr said...

Liked your photo with the animal. The ranch started in just 2016 I just read, I would like to visit if I was there too. Glad you had fun

bt said...

Kudos to RS on the super thoughtful wedding gift. That's like gift-giving ninja level 10 right there! I also would like to visit the next time I'm in town.