Thursday, June 1, 2017

It really does take all kinds...

I was google-stalking some childhood acquaintances the other day and found that quite a few had found success in their lives. There are quite a few Sili Valley folks in high tech firms, and there is probably some selection bias there: the more high-tech the life, the more digital visibility they have. But I also found some low-tech classmates who came into their own in the analog world. There is a police officer in San Francisco, newly married to a beautiful wife. There is a fashion consultant in Los Angeles with a list of young Hollywood clientele. She took great joy in being able to spend her life choosing beautiful handbags for beautiful people. There is a travel agent, a realtor, and an "organization consultant" who apparently helps people with their closets and pantries.

I've been very happy with my life here in Fairbanks, but realize now that what's perfect for me wouldn't be perfect for them, nor the reverse. I'm sure the fashion consultant would find it repulsive to live in a log cabin covered with dog hair, and I could never give up my mountains and hiking for Los Angeles, nor be asked to dress fashionably on a daily basis. It's great that in this world, there is room for everyone to find fulfillment that suits their personalites!

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gina said...

Very well said !