Thursday, June 8, 2017

More White Mountains photos

These teeny tiny flowers:

View to the top of Wickersham Dome:

We have to cross a low spot before we start climbing the dome. It's usually muddy, but it looks like BLM has done some improvements. Look! Fresh gravel!

And grates! Now isn't that just grate?

Climbing the dome:

From the top, it's all more rolling mountains to the North:

Starbuckeroo wants to snuggle!

I forget sometimes how much she looks like a wolf!

Sniff sniff!

Woolly lousewart:



e. davis said...

Love the name "woolly lousewart". If you didn't know it was a plant, you might think it was something that could take a bite out of you, but I think Cricket knows better:)

Arvay said...

It is one of the few "official" plant names that I know, for that very reason! :~D