Thursday, June 22, 2017

Summer fun

Last weekend, the White Mountains were cool and sprinkled with rain showers. Very pretty and enjoyable for us non-heat-acclimated creatures. :)


The wild roses are out!

Cricket enjoys the view:

Starbuckeroo is happy that it's cooler:

Rain across the valley:

I'd never noticed this green patch in the fold of the mountains before:

We saw wolf tracks, a few days old:

And tracks from all of these critters! Tiny hands! Tiny paws! Birds!

I also left the dogs at home for a visit to Creamer's Field to see ducklings. Look how cute and fuzzy they are!

Creamer's Field's visitor center was staffed by an outreach/education guy from Fish and Game. I later emailed him the photos of the ducklings to thank him for his guidance, as well as the one with all of the tracks. He wrote back, "Tiny paw prints are probably from an Arctic Ground Squirrel, they’re common in the white mountains.
Wolves are common there too, the large paw could well be a Wolf (if not someone’s large dog). The bird prints are from a perching bird (i.e. songbird) such as a gray jay."



bt said...

beh beh duckies!

mdr said...

Glad you had a fun day with moderate weather.

mdr said...

I am surprised to see ducks survive harsh winters. Wonder where they hid? What to eat? Strong lives.

Arvay said...

mdr, they migrate: fly south every fall and back north every spring.

They call it, "my great journey" (say that out loud)

hehehehehehe :)