Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And here we have...

... two thirds of a bunch of Alaskan collard greens (I forgot to take a photo before I took out and chopped what we used for our and the wabbits' dinners). This should put into perspective why two or three dollars a bunch is a bargain.

Giant vegetables don't taste much different from ordinary ones. They aren't tougher or more or less flavorful. They are better than supermarket veggies simply by virtue of being fresh and local, but that is true of any produce in any geographical location. The only things that are markedly different from their lower 48 versions are the root vegetables (which are sweeter) and the salad green mixes (which are darker, more bitter, and more fibrous). I guess even a baby lettuce wants to be a big badass, in Alaska.

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mudder said...

Beautiful and sweet picture.