Thursday, August 14, 2008

Outside the Blue Loon last night

A beagle puppy!

Awwww! I would not want a beagle puppy though. You know what happens to beagle puppies? They turn into beagles.

Rainbow from a quick thunderstorm:

When I used to commute from Ester, I'd drive by this little area every day. On one side of the highway is the Blue Loon, which is a great pub with great food that shows movies and hosts concerts, and on the other side is the Gold Hill Grocery, which has the best wine selection I've ever seen in a gas station liquor store. There are also two construction yards, some ramshackle cabins of indeterminate purpose, a cluster of brand-new cabins that just popped up in the last year, no trees, and a lot of dust in the Summer. It reminds me, sadly, of the Valley of the Ashes in the Great Gatsby. All that's missing is Dr. T.J. Eckleburg's billboard.


Anonymous said...

sounds very backwoods & depressing

Arvay said...

The world has beautiful places and not-so beautiful places. I report on both because that's just what I want to do on this blog. I'm sure people live in those nice, brand-new cabins in the Valley of the Ashes because they have an easy, short, convenient commute to compensate for their immediate surroundings.

KC said...

Goldhill Liquor has some of the best selection, bar none. I've been really impressed with what they've got their paws on, beer-wise. It's rapidly becoming my go-to place to see if anyone has an uncommon brand in town!

I always thought Ester was kinda nice, if you're not in the bottom. Like, if you got up the hills to either side just a bit. But I can see the comparison!

mudder said...

I wonder if his daddy knocked down $10 because he has some spot somewhere :-)

Arvay said...

I used to live down Cripple Creek. It's funny, because when we were looking to move, we looked at a few places near Ester "proper" (if an unincorporated town can define such), like within walking distance of the Golden Eagle. We thought it was a bit too... urban for the commute. I mean, if we had to go urban, we wanted to be closer to town.

Ester too urban! Gawd, how my perceptions have changed! :D

Arvay said...

Beringer! Haha. What I dislike about beagles is their obnoxious baying. "Wowowowowowowow! Wow! Wow! Wow!"

Hm, maybe it's just that beagles are very impressed by everything. :)

The Enforcer said...

Right downstairs from my very non-backwoods office building, there is this SUPER depressing place called the Public Market where all of humanity flocks and grazes on miserably greasy foods at lunchtime. It's really quite terrible.

When I return to my office on the 8th floor, I have the most gorgeous view of SF and both bridges, and suddenly the Public Market seems far, far away.

Any place can be depressing. It's all in how you see it, anonymous...

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

It was always nice driving or riding past Gold Hill Liquor. To me it meant, "Ah, almost back to good ole Squarebanks!"

Is there still a water company/warehouse/thingy just to the east of it on the same side as the liquor store? I can't bring the name to mind right now... Polar Water perhaps?????

Arvay said...

Like a competitor to the Water Wagon? Not that I know of. There is a little mini igloo on stilts, though, advertising something I have not yet determined.