Thursday, January 15, 2009


Look at this shocking photo that hit the media today depicting how terribly cold it is in Hudson, Wisconsin:

But I shouldn't laugh. I'm sure the weather there is actually far worse than we had here, because they have wind. I've seen photos from the Midwest during this cold snap, and they have sideways snow! I would find that intolerable, although they probably have healthier air quality!


Christy Mesker said...

Don't laugh! I'm whining because it was 7 degrees when I left for work - with a wind chill (gusting mind you) of -13. It's miserable!

KC said...

I'm refraining from laughing - though I am taking the opportunity to stick it to some people who showed me no sympathy as the transformers across the street blew up from the cold. Jerks.

It's not how absolute cold it is, but whether the cold is much below your areas norm. Yeah, -20f is laughable up here (damned warm, it is!), but in WI, where they're set up to live at above 0F, it's a major issue. We're set up for those temps. Iowa, not so much. :/

Arvay said...

Do you read your GVEA magazine? There is a reader-submitted photo in the most recent issue that I wanted to post here, but unfortunately, it isn't in the online edition. It was of SIDEWAYS icicles growing on a fence in one of those windy areas (I think it was somewhere in Eastern Washington). I thought, WTF? You can say what you want about our cold, but if we had wind like that in addition to cold, well geeze how can anyone live like that?

Anonymous said...

Poor all you people!