Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My three sweet fuzzy girls


mdr said...

Sweet girls including their human mom.
Does Fairbanks have dandilion field?

Anonymous said...

How is Miss Millie doing? Does she seem lonely for a new friend?

Arvay said...

Well, she still eats, sleeps, and flops, so she can't be too upset. Bunn was a jerk to her, so she may well be glad to be rid of him. The morning I found him gone, she hopped right on top of his body to get a better angle to get her morning banana from me.

But rather than call animals insensitive, let's just say that they don't experience death the same way we do, and don't grieve the same way we do. They know who is gone, and they are much more acquiescent. A body, to them, is not something to venerate. It's just an empty, discarded shell.