Sunday, December 13, 2009

White moose calf!

White moose calf born to a brown mama!

Photo by Lisa Stossmeister.

Is it just me, or is this behbeh moose smiling?

And... I'll be traveling this week again, so there will be another hiatus in silicon2tanana reportage. Good luck with all the work going into the holidays, everyone! And to my friends in the meat world, I'm very sorry, but your Christmas cards will be late. I still haven't received them from the print shop, and I fly tomorrow and won't be able to get mail until the following Monday, so there's no chance I'll have them written and in the post on time. :(


mdr said...

Safe flight and good trip to you.

Anonymous said...

Where are you going? Somewhere warm? Who takes care of the adorable fuzzy beasties while you are away?

Anonymous said...

PS Can you please mail me that moose baby? Thanks!