Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Booger's stitches are coming out today!

I keep telling people that Booger's getting her stitches out today, completely forgetting that in Alaska, having a dog in your office doesn't require an explanation! (Although wearing glasses apparently does... Smoke, people! Smoke! Anyway I'll wear glasses when I dang well want to!)

In other news, the smoke has been coming and going with astonishing and unpredictable speed, and it doesn't even correlate with weather. Monday was hot, even into the evening:

and crystal-clear.

Yesterday it cooled down and drizzled a bit, and yet the air was so bad it was 2x worse than Beijing.

Today it is warming up again, and the air is clearing up and I can see sapphire-blue skies and puffy white clouds.


In other news, I saw the fuzziest-wuzziest-fuzzbucket caterpillar ever the other day:

I tried to google it; the closest thing to a match I could find is Pyrrharctia isabella, colloquially called by the utterly delightful name of "Woolly Bear Caterpillar". Apparently it's more common outside Alaska to find them with a brown band in the center, and the narrower the brown, the harsher the upcoming winter. Seeing as our Alaskan Woolly Bears have NO brown, I guess the folklore holds true here!


mdr said...

You look good wearing glasses and I do too :-)
As for the caterpillar, no thanks

Arvay said...

Thank you!

I got new glasses in honor of this smoke!

e. davis said...

Yay for Booger! BTW she seems to like (cleaning)the glasses:) I know the feeling, as one of my 3 goobers always seem to think my glasses need cleaning, haha..