Thursday, July 23, 2015

Miscellaneous photos

First of all, how cute is Booger??

Here are the leaders chillin' together in matching poses:

We took a quick trip to Seattle to a wedding. Then spent a few days hiking with the newlyweds and other friends who are scattered around the country. Climate change has hit the Pacific Northwest in a big way--they are having record low precipitation, and a bad fire season. The temperatures were record highs (80s and 90s F) while we were there. On the other hand, it was lovely to see so much blue sky.

Cascades selfie!

A perfectly spherical flower at the wedding venue. Apparently, bees are fond of them. We later saw these same types of flowers in bouquets at Pike's Market.

When we came home, our rhubarb was... threatening-looking. I cut the bigger stalks off, made a rhubarb crisp, and actually found a neighbor who wanted MORE rhubarb to give the rest to.

Here is a picturesque leaf. With raindrops. Very artistic. Artsy-fartsy points for me!


mdr said...

I recently read a Yahoo article I thought I forwarded it to you. The article was about not to eat TOO MUCH of certain food, Rhubarb was one. You can google for the reason, but I sure like its color.

Arvay said...

Don't worry, mdr. I'm not that crazy about rhubarb. I just planted one because it's "free". It requires literally no care. I don't even water it. It just comes back every spring, and when I'd like a pie or crisp, it's there. :)

Rena said...

Aw, we might've crossed paths in Seattle. We were up there for the 4th and the following week. Yes, that 90 deg weather sure is a shocker. Dave says global warming is hitting the northern latitudes the hardest. We thought the area looked and felt like summer in the bay area. yikes.
Also, rhubarb!! Wonderful!