Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fireweed! Fireweed! Fireweed!

The fireweed has been astounding this year! The hills, ditches, roadsides, and fields are all exploding in pink! Here are photos from a short day hike we did a few weeks ago. This was Linden's first hike after being released from her activity restriction after her tumor removal. Those were a long ten days! She was of the opinion that she could bounce and pronk around the yard and go for long walks, that very same evening after surgery!

It was smokey when we headed out, but the smoke cleared away as the day wore on. The juxtaposition of the cheery pink blooms against the smoke and the tree and brush remnants from a fire of a few years ago was startling. But of course, it was exactly as it should be. Fireweed is so named because it is one of the first plants to recolonize an area after a burn.

Purple and pink and yellow!

Interesting collection of stuff... blueberries and bearberries and lichen! Oh my!

Cairns on a small hillock:

I like this old burned snag in this gorgeous pink profusion:

Juuuust as we started to say, "Okay, that's enough for Linden's Freedom Celebration! Let's call it quits until the smoke clears!", the smoke started to clear:

A pinksplosion!

A bit of purple amidst the pink:

Our Autumnster back on the hillock:

Three fuzzies relaxing:


I went over to where Starbuck was snoozing in the shade of a rock, and she lazily reached out her paw. "Hold my pawzzzzzz...."

A pale pink one!

The wild daisies of Alaska are a bit rough and tumbled:

Wolves bounding through the grass!


mdr said...

Those yellow flowers are beautifully bloomed too

e. davis said...

Wow, fantastic display of pink! I understand that one can make fireweed jelly. Just curious, if you have ever tried? Looks like you have an abundant supply at your disposal :)

mdr said...

If you do make fireweed jelly, try it on the dogs first and wait for 36 hours :-( ... however, humans are different from dogs.

Arvay said...

LOL@mdr. Fireweed is definitely edible. However, e.davis, despite the beautiful color it lends to jellies and teas, I can't really taste any flavor to it... it all tastes like sugar water to me!

e. davis said...

Ah, I see, better a feast for the eyes than the taste buds! Thank you for the insight:)

Arvay said...

e.davis, maybe other people have more sensitive palates because I see Fireweed jams, jellies, and syrups for sale in stores! I, on the other hand, have once eaten two entire slices of pizza before realizing it was moldy. :/