Saturday, June 27, 2015

Things are looking up over here!

1) It's been raining. Not enough to put out the fires; there is still a long list that is growing daily; but enough to improve air quality and help the fire fighters a little.

2) Booger came through surgery just fine! The vet said that the tumor is not growing more, he removed 90% of it, and he felt comfortable to do this over and over until she dies of something else. A long time from now. :) I'm sure glad we decided against sending her to Washington for radiation therapy; this seems like a much better way to go! When I picked her up that evening, she was bouncy as usual, as if absolutely nothing had happened. She's not even favoring her opposite leg! I'm supposed to keep her on limited activity for 10 days, which I'm not sure she understands... I walk the three dogs out together, but after she poops, I bring her home, put her cone on, and take Autumn and Starbuck for a longer walk without her. She protests at first, but when we get home, she is happily lying on the couch, cone and all, so I guess it's not so bad.

Here are photos of a very dejected, limping totally clueless and happy Linden!

Immediately upon returning home. "Hey! Where's supper? Aren't I cute?"

Napping this morning:

It's just one clean incision this time. It'll heal up nicely!

Usual couch shenanigans:

3) Apparently, it's illegal to deny same-sex couples the right to marry now. Cool beans.

4) I have a four-pound block of cheese in my fridge. FIVE! It's a FIVE-POUND BLOCK OF CHEESE!



gina said...

Congratulations on the successful surgery....may she heal quickly ! Your kids are so lucky to have you for a Mom.

e. davis said...

Very happy to hear that Linden's surgery went well:)She reminds us of how resilient dogs are - no matter the age! Sending good vibes her way for a quick recovery:)