Friday, June 12, 2015

Last Photos from Palmer Trip!

Last photos from our Palmer trip! It was mostly rainy, to our mild disappointment, but it was still beautiful, and we snuck in very short hikes in between showers.

1) Our lunch stop was in a community called Glacier View. It is ever-so-mildly touristy, with a stunning view to the Matanuska Glacier.

DL sez, "Did you get that moose in the photo?"


2) We walked down to a creek to eat.

It must be very windy there at times; downed trees were everywhere:

A pretty fairy slipper!

The girls took naps while we admired the scenery:

The clear, rainwater-fed creek joins the silty, glacier-fed river:

My fuzzies:


The rock around there was very brittle!

Mini wolf at mini Half Dome!

3) Later that afternoon on our drive, we saw a sign that said, "Middle Fork Trail", and that could only mean that it led to the Gulkana River, so we walked a bit of it:

Spring things were in evidence, such as alder cones:

Blueberry flowers:

Dogwood blossoms:

Spruce tips:

The flowers of the magical, mystical, phenomenally tasty arctic raspberry:

And of course plenty of mud:

And moose turds:

The ladies had fun:

4) Rainbow Ridge! Almost home!


mdr said...

Hope all your trips are fine and fun. Nice scenery

gina said...

I love your pictures of the scenery, fuzzies and nature !!