Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Today M2, one of my Anchorage-based coworkers whom I don't see very often, was in town and told me she had something for me. She led me out to her car and came up with this beautiful necklace. She said, "It just made me think of you, so I had to buy it! Then I had to give it to you! It reminded me of you... I'm not quite sure why... but like you, it has depth and dimension, and it's shiny and pretty!"

Awwwww... that's just about the nicest thing that's happened to me out of the blue in a long time. I have lots of nice things, but most of them I plan and bring to fruition myself. Not so with M2, whom I got to know while new to my job and traveling to Sitka with her. I was in a bad relationship at the time, and while I was glad to have an excuse to spend my upcoming birthday away from the dude in question, I was sad to be spending it "alone" with only a coworker I had just met. It would not be so with the warm and loving M2, who quickly became my friend and celebrated my birthday with me and our local host, eating grilled burgers while overlooking the lovely Sitka coast:

I am examining this necklace right now and see that both of the little silver geodesics are nearly true bucky-balls, with each vertex having four links to it, making it possible to be a covalently bonded carbon atom:

I am juuuuuuust enough of a stickler for detail that it would have driven me nuts had any of the vertices had only, say, three links to it! It's amazing that M2 saw this and thought of me! :)


mdr said...

Beautiful and unique necklace, beautiful and unique friendship. I am so glad and impressed. Treasure both :-)

mdr said...

BTW, I spent about 45 years of my b-days alone, if not counting CH, you and my parents (my 1st 20 years), not great but not bad either,

Always think about positive things we have when we feel down, and think about negative experience we had when we feel high --- Confuscious said.

Arvay said...

Thank you for your kind words, mdr. I think it's MUCH better to spend birthdays alone than with someone you don't want to be with. That is so awkward!