Thursday, June 25, 2015

Notes from here and there

The smoke has been dreadful. We have fires on all four sides. Here is a map showing active fires currently burning in Alaska:

It looks terrible, and it *is* terrible, but I wonder what that map looks like on a "normal" year? I know we have lots of small fires that never make the news. Anyway, this is the worst I've sever seen it, and people are making comparisons to 2004, which was apparently the worst year on record.

A local radio station, K-Wolf 98.1, quickly put this map up:

Haha. Very funny.

Here are some photos from before the smoke came:

Booger in a sunbeam:

Booger smiling from her nap:

Aaaaaahhh I miss his clear blue sky!

Sammich time!

Booger selfie!

Happy goober dogs!

Happy dignified dog!

Roo at her other favorite spot in the house:

Our first "real" summer Alaskan produce. Check out that giant basil!

Midnight Sun Festival downtown!

Check out this St. Bernard. He is HUGE!

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mdr said...

How about turnip (radish)? You used to have a lot, they are good for you.

Make some green bean (mung bean) soup with barley, add a little sugar, you have the fiber and protein and it cleanse your summer internal heat. We had it for dinner tonight.