Monday, June 29, 2015

Sorta clear sky and good eats

The rain is gone, but the smoke has not come back, thank goodness. Although the fires are still growing, and none are contained. Please keep your fingers crossed for some more rain, and for the safety of our fire crews!

DL and I were curious about what the valley would look like, so we took a quick drive to an overlook spot at a high point on the highway. It was... not terrible:

You could definitely see a lot of haze:

The view from my office window today is hugely improved, from this last week!

Due to my lovely local farm's fire, they are not offering CSA subscriptions this year. The upside is that it forces me to get my butt to the farmer's market and actually choose my own food. It's a challenge. :) Last weekend, I got a huge, beautiful bunch of turnip greens, a salad mix, green onions, radishes, spinach, rainbow chard, some Chinese veggies, and some incomparable Alaskan tomatoes:

Also, these super-rich alpine strawberries, a full month before they normally ripen:

Hmmmmm... do you think our fine Russsian farmers grow these in a greenhouse and get them to ripen earlier? Our wild strawberries have only just been pollinated and are tiny, hard, and definitely green!

Also, very lovely, thick orange eggsies!

When I got home, my lovely friend and neighbor DB roundly scolded me for buying veggies when her garden was brimming full, and she had grown extra Chinese veggies just for me! I will only get greenhouse treats from the farmer's market now. :)


mdr said...

I am sending DB something. She and JL still like the dates/walnut Chinese candy?

If available, add on some colors to your vegi -- purple eggplant, purple yam, orange carrot... Love your little red turnips.. shred it fine and thin, sprinkle salt and squeeze out its juice slightly, add sugar and lemon mixture ( or apple vinegar). Serve it cold. You can also add a little bit of shredded carrots to make the dish colorful.

Brocolli stems -- peel the hardest outer skin, shred it fine and thin, salt it slightly, add sesame oil just before serving (in most dishes, sesame oil should only be added just before serving)

mdr said...

Kind of too many egg yolk for two persons in one day? Egg yolk had good amount of lutein for eye health, but don't over eat.

Arvay said...

@mdr, what are you talking about? Five eggs is just for one of us!

Just kidding... :)

I think two eggs per person is very normal. DL is 1.5 people since he is 6'5"!

mdr said...

How about cholesterol? mdr, biological grand father, biological aunt...

Arvay said...

@mdr, dietary cholesterol plays less a role in your blood cholesterol than does your own liver activity. mdr hardly eats any animal protein, and yet has high cholesterol. You disprove your own supposition. :( Better to have better overall diet than focus on any particular thing!