Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Scenes from chez nous

Domestic scenes in and around Casa Fuzzies:

Our 4th of July was low-key. The fire danger was so high that not only was there a ban on burning brush and campfires, there was even a ban on charcoal grills. We cooked pork chops in the oven and ate on the deck:

While a talented young lady serenaded her uncle and aunty:

This is Bannock. Bannock is the soooofftest, sweeetest, most tender-mushy-gushy dog ever!

I watched a bumblebee do her thang in a flowerpot:

The fireweed has been astounding this year. I'll post photos later of the fields of them we saw on a hike. But even the ones in front of the cabin are exploding in pink!

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower...

Here is Ms. Booger Pants, looking adorable and gooberdy:

And Ms. Autumn, looking wise, soulful, and serene (thanks for the excellent description, e. davis!):



Starbuckaroo has FEETIES! That smell like Fritos!


mdr said...

Love the firewoods flowers..Hope I get to see it someday.

mdr said...

Also "like" that cute little cabin. Will "love" it even more with a toilet and shower.