Saturday, July 11, 2015

The "doghouse"

Both Autumn and Linden's and Starbuck's former families advised us that the transition from sled dog life to pet life should be gradual, so we should set up outdoor dog houses for them to use at least for a while. So we did. It turns out, though, that once they experience indoor life, they have no interest whatsoever in a doghouse. When I left Starbuck at her former home last summer when the old ladies and I spent a month in Colorado, she howled in protest and refused to enter her former house.

The house DL and I set up for her is now used as a dining room for a very cheeky squirrel:

Total dog-hours in this house: 16
Total skwerl-hours: ~543

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Allmycke said...

There's no comparing your own couch in the house and a doghouse outside!