Thursday, January 14, 2010

How low can you go?

An interesting article, but no surprises. Everyone has his or her own comfort level. For me, it's -20F for skiing, -25F for splitting wood, -30F for running, and -40 for walking. For the girls, it's something like -90, but I do not let them decide, because they would definitely injure themselves before saying no to an outside adventure of any sort!


mdr said...

Be safe please

Anonymous said...

As I discovered during the winter of 1988-89... for doing outdoor barn chores, hauling and splitting firewood, walking to school and hauling hay bales by hand when the tractor wouldn't start... -70.

Required full-on Refrigerwear and bunny boots, but 4-5 hours outdoors was not uncommon. I was twelve, that winter.

Rena said...

When I went to school in Wisconsin, they wouldn't call a "snow day" unless it was about -60, which was about -30 with windchill. I remember thinking to myself on one of those days that I was in hell, except that hell would be preferable because then at least I'd be warm. Jeez, I just don't know how you do it. Today the kids insisted on wearing short sleeves in ~60deg temps and I thought they were crazy, hah!

Arvay said...

It gets to -30 in Wisconsin? -60 with wind chill? How do all the cows survive that make my beloved, beloved cheese? And, that shouldn't be called a snow day. That should be called an ass-cold day!