Saturday, January 30, 2010

Moose safety tips

This is the time of year that moose get irritable and angry, so here are tips on avoiding an angwy beast.

Anyone who's had a pet rabbit knows to fear moose, since moose are giant rabbits. Take this:

and multiply it by 200, and you have a moose. Fear the giant, behooved wabbit!


Anonymous said...

1 part fear, 1 part "oooh woogie woo woogie a moosey!"

or maybe that's just me.

RIP Mr. B.

Anonymous said...

PS If a baby moose ever gets born in your front picture I expect many, many pictures to be posted. Like this one:

Arvay said...


But... no. Sorry, but I like moose best when they are, you know, over THERE, not right HERE. ;)

mdr said...

RIP Bunn Bunn, have you found the dandelion field for him yet?