Monday, February 1, 2010

Ice Classic Opens

Ice Classic Tickets are available now.

Anyone want to recommend a guess as to the minute the ice will go out (break up) on the Tanana?

Here is the breakup history. It's been an unusually warm (well, less cold) Winter, so the ice may not be as thick... of course, they haven't even taken the first thickness reading for this year yet, so it would be silly to venture a guess before we know that. I'd guess, however, that the warmth or lack thereof of Spring is a bigger factor than the original ice thickness.


mdr said...

Have to pay for my guess?!

Mike P. said...

Yep, should pay for your guess... Daisy you should setup a spread and charge everyone $0.25 a square. You can break it down to a day and time matrix. Late april to late may it looks like. Put me in for 20 squares! If you actually set something like that up I'll pick the squares later or when i see you :)