Friday, February 19, 2010

Groundwater contamination in North Pole

I guess I need to start this post with a explanation of North Pole. North Pole is a little city about 20-30 minutes South of here via the Richardson Highway, which is the one that goes to Delta Junction and thus connects to the AlCan. North Pole has a lot of military folks, since it's close to the military base, and was named by a whimsical optimist who had hoped that a toy factory would one day set up shop there, and stamp toys "made in North Pole". So far it hasn't happened, although several businesses, such as the Santa Claus House, have moved in to capitalize on the name.

Anyway, so that's North Pole, and they've recently learned that their ground water is contaminated by mining waste. Quite a few residents of North Pole use well water, and now they are being told that their water isn't safe to drink. Flint Hills Resources, the petroleum refining company responsible for the contamination, has offered an apology and lots of bottled water to the residents. Gee, an apology and bottled water! That must make it all better, right? I'm sure it relieves the worry of knowing you've been drinking and watering your garden with contaminated water for ten years, right? And the fact that your property values are plummeting, right? An apology and bottled water. Yeesh! I hope the North Polers band together and milk some more compensation out of Flint Hills. That sucks.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, 'cause when FH jacks the fuel prices up all over the Interior to make up the difference, it'll prove that we showed 'em who's boss.


Hey, I'm not disagreeing with you at all. There's just a whole lotta history behind FH hitting North Pole and the Interior with a Big Oil-size wrecking ball. Oh, for the good ole days of Mapco.

Arvay said...

Titanium, I don't know about the history of FH, but my opinion is that if they do have to raise fuel prices in order to do their business safely and with a minimum of harm to people and the environment, then I'd gladly pay.

But I doubt that is the case. They could probably make the difference by taking 10% of the salaries of their top wage earners.

But the sad end result will probably be that they will jack up prices, as you say, and none of their people, who caused the harm, will suffer at all. :(

mdr said...

You don't use the well water there, do you? Who bottles your water?

Arvay said...

No, I don't use North Pole well water. Mudder, I know you worry over my blog posts and search over them for any possible harm to me. That's why I started this post by stating that North Pole is a different city, a 20-30 minute drive away. You know that I live in a dry cabin with no well. You also know that I have to purchase water. Would it make sense for me to drive 30 miles to purchase water?

Think before you panic! Thank you.

mdr said...

Just make sure the water you purchased is NOT from North Pole sources -- ex. bottled at cities nearby North Pole.