Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wherefore the weather madness?

So now not only do we get not get snow, we get to be butt-ass cold as well! Sigh. Oh well.

The Yukon Quest starts this Saturday, if anyone is interested. Well, actually, it starts whether anyone is interested or not! I am rooting for Brent Sass for the Quest and Zoya DeNure for the Iditarod. I like Brent Sass because he's affectionate with his dogs, and he camps out and sleeps with them, giving them leg massages at night. He's also a friend of Autumn and Linden's former family. I like Zoya DeNure because about half her team is rescue dogs from the local animal shelter. Hmmm... it looks like I'm not the only one who likes the goober dogs. One features on the Quest banner photo. Haha! How can dogs that work so hard be so silly? Anyway, here is the Quest takeoff order.

Here is Millie taking a nap in her litterbox. Rabbits are charming like that.

She streeeeetches out as she relaxes:

Linden: "Me! Me! I'm cuter than that rabbit! Take a photo of ME!"
Autumn: "Keep the flashy-thing away from me!"


TwoYaks said...

Lance Makey apparently also founded his kennel with a large fraction of rescue animals. But, at this point, I think it's descendants of those animals?

I think.

mdr said...

Nobody should breed animals for pets, everyone should save one from hundreds of shelters.

Cathy said...

Sebastian Schnuelle lets his sled dogs sleeps on the bed.

Arvay said...

Cathy: The whole team? I only share the bed with Autumn (Linden cuddles until I fall asleep, then she gets of the bed and goes to her own, which is beside mine), and she hogs up about 2/3 of the space, even though she's 1/3 my size. I'm not sure how sleeping with a whole team would work... it would be warm, but how much real estate would that leave me?