Thursday, February 25, 2010

I finally understand some of the animosity toward Martha Stewart...

... since my National Half-Priced Chocolate Day chocolates are each printed with a "tip" from her.

One of my tips today says, "Replace the tags on your teabags with heart-shaped paper cutouts."

Really, Martha? Really? Srsly?


mdr said...

ha ha ha

Is she for real?!

Rena said...

pwaaahaaa. Yes, replace the proper labels with heart-shaped labels on each that each one gets all stale from being taken out of its paper packet, and be sure to forget which teabag is which so you just kind of reach into your can of teabags and pick one. You might get Earl Gray! You might get Mint! You might get that gross orange pekoe that's been sitting in the back of the cupboard in the hopes that some guest will come and drink it all up. But at least it has a cute heart label - that'll make everything better.
Oh, and don't forget while you're drinking your cup of mystery tea, to spill all the alphabet noodles out of the bag and organize them into little sentences so that your family will enjoy witty sayings while they eat their dinners.

That woman is just something else!

Anonymous said...

I will come to Martha's defense and say: Maybe she meant "just prior to serving."

Of course I think this is all a lie. Martha would never use tea bags in the first place. she strikes me as a loose-only-nazi-type.