Saturday, February 27, 2010

Well, Brrrr!

I had been wondering whether the mild weather was a warm spell, or an early Spring.

I woke up yesterday morning shivering, and that answered that question! When the temperature outside is -20F/-29C, and the fire has died out in the wood stove, and the thermostat on my oil stove is set to 53F/12C, which it always is, the temperature in my loft is close to 45F/7C. Which is fine, when I anticipate such and am wearing sufficient blankets. Which I was not.

As the late, great Bunn would have put it, hrrmf!

The good news is that snow is continuing to fall, and the forecast calls for temperatures to come back up after today, and for snow to continue to fall all week! Yay!

I debated with myself a bit whether to spend some time today splitting wood, knowing tomorrow would warm up. Which do I enjoy more, brittle wood that splits with a tap, or being warmer while splitting? I decided, why not both? So today, I split enough to fill my porch rack, and tomorrow, I will split some more and add it to my small-but-growing stack of split wood in the yard, which I started last weekend. Last weekend was the first time I'd split more wood than I'd need for the following week, and I stacked it elsewhere in the property. I am working on growing this stack as the weather gets milder, and of course, when Summer is here, I won't be burning wood at all and the stack will burgeon. My goal is to split enough wood over the Summer to get me through the following Winter. Or at least, never again to split wood at -35F.


mdr said...

"What did not kill you made you you stronger. Your physical tolerance and strengh are imporving and the fresh winter air will do your lung good too. Just BE SAFE and ALERT.

mdr said...

Have a great remaining weekend