Friday, January 8, 2010

Yukon Quest Anticipation

The Yukon Quest is coming up, so it's time to decide whom you're going to root for and put a folder on your hard drive to start dropping the cutest and most beautiful media photos in.

Like this:

And this:

If it's colder this year, a fuzzier team might do better:

But if it's warm and the snow is fast, one of those skinny, greyhound-looking teams might win!

I love the photos of the Siberian teams best. I think they are so beautiful, and I love their thick, furry coats! At colder temperatures that require the Alaskan huskies to wear jackets and booties, the Siberians are au naturel. They are bigger, stockier dogs, and never win or come out even in the top five or ten, but they are the strongest in deep snow and most resilient against cold temperatures. They also tend--for reasons I do not understand, since like the Alaskans, they are bred for performance and not looks--to be very beautiful. I mean, stunningly beautiful. Look:

(photo courtesy of Iceberg Kennels)

I'd be intimidated to have one as a pet. They look so serious and dignified, I don't know if I'd have as much fun with one as I do with Autumn and Linden. I think Alaskan goobers are the dogs for me! There is a world of a difference between waking up to this:

And waking up to this:

He may not be as pretty (and I can guarantee that if you saw their bodies), but I'd feel like I could wrap my arms around him and he'd ask me to rub his belly. And look! He's smiling!


Cate said...

Your dogs are so cute! Thanks for visiting my blog and the link -- I am happy to have new visitors/new traffic. I'll be checking back....:)

Anonymous said...

Any dog given love and attention will love you and respond to you with the same, no matter the breed.
Those blue eyes are only a detractor to make you take a moment to respect these magnificient individuals.

Arvay said...

Yes, they are magnificent! But I wonder if they would object to being called, "Miss SillyPants."


Anonymous said...

I think the bottom dog is prettier. He has wolfish coyotish look that is awesome. He's like Dr. House - a trickster. Way more fun than Mr. Plastic Surgery Blue Eyes IMO. :)