Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Year of the Snake

My Chinese New Year feast is becoming less and less labor-intensive as I learn to outsource labor better! This year, all I did was make jiao-zhe filling and roast a chicken. When my guests showed up, I set them to wrapping and subtlety backed away from the table. :) I assigned to the guests noodles, veggies, and nian-gao, and got additional sides besides!

I think I got my highest ever headcount in my wee cabin--thirteen adult humans, one wee tiny behbehhuman, and four dogs! Eighteen! Eighteen creatures in my cabin! Ah, ah, ah!

Autumn sez, "The presence of house guests does not alter in any way the new canine couchal policy."

Happy Year of the Snake, everyone! It's my year! Ssssllllllthssslllthhhhllllssssssssssss!!! I'll be 36, which is a great number, since it's 6 squared. I love perfect squares! And 6 is a great number since I like to waltz. Okay, I'm getting weird. Time to quit typing! Have a great Year of the Snake, y'all!


bt said...

Looks like a great party!

mdr said...

Wish I was in your party.