Sunday, February 10, 2013


I have experienced very little sexism in my career, and have wondered on more than one occasion why so few women go into engineering, and furthermore, why there is so much hand-wringing about how to eliminate such sexism... when I have never seen it.

Today I have an answer. My hometown rag, representative of arguably the most progressive region in the U.S., published an article about a woman engineer who designed and is selling a toy designed to encourage young girls to be interested in tinkering. All well and good, but some of the comment responses are seriously infuriating!

Check this crap out:

Some idiot who calls himself "Bullyawn" says, "Women instinctively gravitate to people- and nurturing-oriented fields like real estate, human resources, nursing, and social work. And that's well and good. Why does every last male bastion have to be invaded by women, simply because it's a male bastion?"

Suuuuuuurrre... little turdbucket! The only reason that I am in my choice of career is specifically because I want to bring you down! Feeling threatened Bullyawn, are ya?


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Some people are born to be assholes. Others have asshole-lery thrust upon them.

That guy sounds like he's both!

bt said...

I feel very sorry for this dude (I assume) and imagine that he does not have very happy relationships with women (half of the population).