Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Climbed me a Wind Turbine!!

Today is the coolest day of my recent memory. I attended a Wind Diesel Workshop at AVTEC, The Alaska Vocational Technical... something... I can't seem to find even on their own website what their acronym stands for! But it's a vocational and technical school that has really great programs in electronics, cooking, and the like. They have a also have a grid-connected 100 kW wind turbine! It is a beautiful Northwind 100, with black blades designed to discourage icing.

Here are photos:

The turbine:

Lunch was cooked and served by students of the culinary school:

I was particularly impressed by the electronics educational lab. Look how nicely they do spaghetti management!

It's warm down South. Warm enough to walk through slush and build a snowman:

It's really beautiful. I have loved Seward since I visited as a tourist in 1994!

Now here I am all excited to get to climb the tower:

And up I go:

It's a long way up (105 feet!)!

And a long way down from the top!

What a view!

Is that a... yes, it is! It's a moose!

A lovely blade:

Some of the controls:

And finally, the descent:


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mdr said...

I am happy to see your safe return.

Vanessa said...

Oh my, I'm scared of heights and it makes me dizzy just seeing your photos of the ladder.