Monday, October 7, 2013

Notes from Here and There

The other night, I was tidying up my yard in the fading light of evening, and WHAM! Backed into a little tree stump. It gave me a nasty bruise:

In a fury, I whirled around and chopped it out. The ground was soft, and the roots gave way before I had chopped through the stump. I flung it down the hill as far as I could.

Several days later, I triumphantly completed my wood pile!

And as I went down the hill to assess how many more downed trees I had for future firewood. I found the stump!

I laughed at all of my chopping marks. I must have been really frustrated that night! I'm sorry, Mr. Stump. It's not your fault I fell over you. You gave up your life to give me a pretty front yard, I wouldn't even blame you if you attacked me in revenge. I gave the stump an honorable ending in a bonfire.

Aaaaaanyway, after finishing my woodpile, I thought I'd take a day off from chores. Whoops! I failed at that and could not resist the temptation to cut up a few more logs and tidy up a few more downed trees. I cut them to length and piled them beside my two (2) splitting stumps:

You want to know something crazy? Being in possession of two (2) splitting stumps makes me feel like a freaking PRINCESS. I say to myself, "Oh LOOKEE HERE! I can use either THIS ONE or THAT ONE! I can split wood HERE or THERE! I can stack it HERE or THERE! SO MANY OPTIONS!" :~D

I tried to take a photo with the girls using a camera timer, but only tried once, and this is what I got:

Aaaanyway, here is a photo of the girls waiting ever-so-patiently for their blessing at St. Matthews:

Today I got an email from Rev. Scott: "Thank you for the joy & just plain HOLINESS of Autumn & Linden yesterday. :) They're wonderful :). Big wonderful..." d'awwwww!

Oh yeah, just so y'all know that I don't just subsist on veggies and fried eggs over noodles... here is a photo of my Large American Pork Chop!

And last night I picked rose hips until my fingers went numb from the cold, and spread them out to dry:


M.E. Masterson said...

You go Girl!!! I love this blog look at all that wood!! Wahoo!!

Arvay said...

Thank you!

Rena said...

There once was a stump in the front yard.
It snuck up and left Daisy scarred.
Twas hurled downhill
towards the damp and the chill,
til it showed up, was burned and was pardoned.

mdr said...

You are good, Rena

Rena said...

whoops, that last line, last word ought to have been "charred".

Originally I was looking for two words that rhymed with "garden"

Arvay said...

Well done! :~D