Friday, October 11, 2013

Tanana, Redux

What a change in weather from a week prior!

The village clinic:

Fish wheel:

Several of them:

The test fish wheel run for Fish and Game. The operator, PM, uses it to estimate the number, weight distribution, and species distribution of salmon coming down the Yukon:

One is still in the water. Better get it out soon!

Logs being pulled out for the biomass needs:

The water is silty. I picked up a piece of jade. It's downstream from the mouth of the Tanana, so who knows where this jade came from?

The Yukon looked gloomy:

A wind turbine is up where I had seen the met tower the previous week. This person moves fast!

Fog at the outlook point. Compare.


In other news, Fairbanks' beloved Fox "Spring" well has run dry. Oh noes! I used to full up from there on my way home any time I went to the White Mountains! But that's just because I like the taste of it; "saving" two cents a gallon by using "free" water is not thaaaaat exciting to me, since it's a drive all the way across town...

And in other other news, wildlife troopers have arrested some jerks who chased down and shot a moose from their boat. The butt-holes denied it, of course, but I'm just gonna point out that calling your boat the Critter Gitter does nothing for your defense.


mdr said...

Some day you should publish a book from your blog -- a well illustrated and best written Alaskan diary.

Jade will bring you good luck.

Arvay said...

Why, thank you!