Friday, October 18, 2013

White sparkly stuff, please!

This unseasonable warmth (mid 50s F during the day, high 30s F at night) is very comfortable, but also unsettling. It's also super duper DARK at night without any snow. I changed the batteries on my headlamp, only to find that my headlamp still appears dim, with nothing reflective at night to catch the light. Today is a full moon, and this morning, its illumination was not even half so brilliant as it is when there is snow on the ground.

The girls have already quit shedding though, and they are putting on winter coats on schedule. I'm very anxious for cold weather to come so the trails will freeze up and we can walk and then ski on them!

During our late-coming, cold, snowy Spring, I remember thinking, What if Summer doesn't come? That's not possible, is it? The sun keeps coming, and it does get warm, even if it seems like it won't. So, too, does winter have to come, whether it feels like it or not.

I just hope that we get a good blanket of snow on the ground before super cold temperatures come! We need that insulating blanket to protect us! Whenever cold comes before snow, people's pipes freeze.

I, of course, have no such worries on my own behalf!


Allmycke said...

Yes, we need the snow on the ground to brighten things up. Walking at night is one thing - having to drive your car after dark is a pain!

mdr said...

you are a half-bottle full person :)