Monday, October 21, 2013

Photo dump

The sunrise from my desk:

Three dowgs sitting for a biscuit. Mr. Charcoal was visiting for the evening:

Weirdly enough, local gardens are still producing. I scored these gorgeous turnip greens last night:

Wanting as little as possible to interfere with their flavor, I put them into a plainish noodle soup (the only flavors--white pepper, green onions, cilantro, and chicken stock):

Another noodle dish:

If I play my cards right, and also alternate between Chinese noodles and Italian pasta, I can eat a different bowl of noodles for every meal for a week! :~D


M.E. Masterson said...

Looks good!

M.E. Masterson said...
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mdr said...

Ra has been on soy sauce and sesame oil noodles few times per week for weeks, because she loves it like her mom and auntie.

When making chicken stock, use the metal strainer I sent you to rid off oil, it does immediate wonders.

mdr said...

Forgot to say I learned some secret of making good chicken stock soup from the last nanny.

Blench chicken stock in hot water, dump it and cook in new cold water, add ginger and some white "WINE", get rid of fat and impurity using the metal strainer.

Arvay said...

Most of my chicken stock comes from a box from the store. :)

b said...

I had no idea you were baptized. Boy, Mudder probably never would have guessed in a million years that sending you to Catholic school would have such an effect! So do you go to church regularly now? I think that one of the best parts about being religious is the community you gain.

Arvay said...

@b, exactly! Church = community.

Hm... I don't think it's really a stretch that 9 years of indoctrination, especially during one's formative years, might somehow affect a person's way of thinking!