Saturday, October 26, 2013


Inupiat older lady from Kaktovik to younger white lady in Fairbanks: "Yeah. It's so bad this year. The sea ice is still three hundred miles out! The polar bears are still hanging around town and can't go out to hunt. They're hungry, and it's not safe to walk around. They sneak. The put their paw over their noses like this and blend into the snowbanks! I won't buy candy this year. I don't want the kids trick-or-treating. It's not safe!"

White lady "Maybe you could just get together in a safe place and do something fun for them. They do that in some Lower 48 places that aren't safe for kids. They'll gather the kids and give them candy in a store or a church."

Inupiat lady: "Oh, it's not safe down there either? They have..." --pause-- "Black bears?"


And now... top o' the Minor News today: Winter worshipers wonder when snow is going to get to Fairbanks.

I mean, come on already!!


bt said...

LOL -- yes, our local church is having an indoor celebration to protect the young'uns from the black bears...

mdr said...

I am curious of those who never had left AK to see other side of mountains.