Thursday, October 31, 2013

Richardson Highway gorgeousness

I love the Richardson highway!

Here are some carry boo. TwoYaks says they are likely of the Macomb herd:

I'm very pleased with my photo of this fella:

Some others had already shed their antlers:

I reeeeeeaaaallly don't mind this drive:

Rainbow Ridge--not so rainbowy when dusted with white stuff!

Nelchina 'bou! Two! Two caribou herds in one day! Ah, ah, ah! Vahnderful!

Gulkana Village!

Apparently, it had been icy a few days prior. Slow down and stay safe, everyone!

Ready to cross the mountains and get home again!

Hello, Mount Hayes! You are looking particularly lovely this afternoon! Thank you for watching over me as I approach home!

And as I approached Donnelly Dome, the sun came out:

The sun hit its magical point as I got into the heart of the Delta valley. It was rich and warm and washed everything with golden light:

Suddenly I saw a temporary sign that read, "Caution! Air drops occurring!" A minute later, I saw these military people jumping out of a plane!!


mdr said...

Beautiful sceneries. Glad you were there to see.

mdr said...

Please stop on the ROADSIDE and make sure it is safe before taking pictures.

Arvay said...

I always stop, but I only pull off the road when I can't see to either direction. If there are no cars for five miles in both directions, who cares?

mdr said...

How does human eyes see 5 miles away? I cannot see 0.25 mile even without obstructions.

How long would it take to get nearby you if a drunkrer drives at 90 mph?

Please please be careful.

Arvay said...

If it looks something like this, for example:

You have to figure, if I continue to thrive in such a harsh environment, it might be more than luck... My PhD-induced stupidity is not THAT bad yet! :)

mdr said...

The PhD's mom must not be that stupid for she raised the PhD.

Arvay said...

No, she must be smarter since she has no PhD, and therefore no PhD-induced stupidity. :)