Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall this year is different

My annual fall tradition of watching frost grow in the White Mountains did not come to fruition today. Too bad; I'll have to look at old photos for a sparkly frost fix.

It was still a lovely day though. That slanting, rich, golden light of Fall is something that always takes my breath away, whether in the Silicon or the Tanana Valley, San Francisco or Fairbanks, Santa Clara or Anchorage, the San Bruno Mountains or the Alaska Range, the Sierras or the White Mountains. That light has a magical quality.

This is P's dog, Jack, posing nicely:

As does Linden:

And Autumn:

GINORMOUS PAW TRACKS!! At first, M and P and I thought wolf! But then realized that there were no claw marks, so decided on lynx.

Gorgeous views:

M watching a distant storm:

Happy dowgs!

There were still lots of blueberries. They were rich and sweet and not yet fermenting:

Three! Three kinds of berries to eat! Ah, ah, ah! Vahnderful!

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