Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A weekend in the sun

Last weekend, DL, the dowgs, and I took a long weekend to attend the Chickenstock music festival. The drive to Chicken is gorgeous, and really half the fun! There were no behbeh meese in our camp this year though. :( We listened to some silly music, took some walks in the woods, ate a ton of marginally nutritive food, skipped stones, collected pretty rocks, climbed a small "mountain", and slept ten hours a day. That's a good vacation!

Forest dowgs!

New spruce tips!

Wild roses are everywhere now, and sweetly fragrant:

DL and some old mining equipment:

Wee ickle flower:

The Chickenstock stage:

Big fuzzy malamute:

Fat dog:

"Hey, good lookin!"

Moose turds on top of bear turds. So many blueberries in the bear turds! Obviously from last fall, since there are no blueberries yet.

A nice view:

An old dredge:

Pretty camp spot:

The Taylor Highway:

Mount Fairplay coming into view! Report from that hike here. I'm slammed! Byeeeeee for now!

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