Friday, June 27, 2014


The flooded banks of the Tanana after the rain storms:

My first rhubarb leaf of the season! I made a rhubarb blueberry pie!

My veggies for the week:


mdr said...

Yeah, rhubarb. I never had it before. It must be hardy to grow among weeds around it and still be so nice and big.

Rena said...

Great googamooga! Are you telling me that's rhubarb? Good grief.
Am now just catching up on your posts from the past week as we have just returned from our travels.
Looks like you are enjoying your summer. I got bitten by a few skeeters while in the south, but kept thinking that they were probably nothing compared to the ones you get. Do you just bathe in deet all the time? How do you cope??