Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Circle to Fairbanks Trail!

Last weekend, we hiked a section of the Circle to Fairbanks Trail. Combined with a hike the prior day in the White Mountains, it brought our week's mileage up to 55 miles! Not bad for a pair of old lady dogs! We normally average about 40 miles per week, between the morning runs, the evening walks, and the weekend hikes/skis. That means that since I got Autumn in the fall of 2007, and Linden the following spring, we've done about 14,000 miles together! That's over half the circumference of the planet!

I finally got a portrait of all four of my fuzzies! Four! Four fuzzy things! Ah, ah, ah! Vahnderful!

The ridgeline was pretty:

Wild lupins were everywhere:

The ladies were having fun:

Starbuck ponders while gazing into the distance:

Linden is a goober and ponders nothing:

Autumn, my beloved old leader and treasured companion, is happy to pass the baton on to DL and Starbuck as the next primary caretakers of her two doofus charges, Linden and me. Now she finally gets to rest in her dotage. :)

Starbuck naps:

Starbuck holds out her paw for me to hold:

A lovely pink arctic bloom!

A pause for reflection:


A storm coming in:


"Phew! Are we pooped!"


mdr said...

Nice pictures. Why there was not even another person(s) on these nice trails on weekends?

Are they safe to be there alone without others?

Allmycke said...

That pink flower must be an orchid - but I can't find it in my "The Alaska-Yukon wild flowers guide" from 1983..,

Arvay said...

@mdr, because it's Alaska. :)

@Allmycke, interesting! Thanks for trying though!

mdr said...

There should be more popular trails that locals would go...

There was one young man who was a sheep herder. He passed one big plum trees to a meadow. The tree bears many beautiful plums, but the man never picked any to taste. When others asked him why he never got some? "they must be so sour to be left there", he replied.

Arvay said...

@mdr, yes, it's true. Locals would know best. :)

It's easy to form opinions of places you have never been to, when you sit at home and look at a few photos on your computer screen. But it doesn't mean that those opinions are worth anything.