Wednesday, June 25, 2014

This beloved schnozz

A dog can never tell you what she knows from the
smells of the world, but you know, watching her, that you know
almost nothing.

--Mary Oliver


Allmycke said...

Oh, I'm beginning to know more and more what you're talking about when it comes to an older dog.
Loki is only 5 years old, but because of the seizures he's had (can't/won't remember how many) I'm quite sure he has aged prematurely. I know his sight is diminished - at a distance, he,ll imagine all kinds of things. Close up, his eye-sight is acute to 100%
I'm so happy, reading about how you make sure that SD is taking over after your oldest dog...
I need to do the same thing - maybe it's time for me to find a puppy whom Loki could raise to become the same kind of pleasant companion he is... Or is it too early to think along those lines?

Allmycke said...

Oh, I forgot to mention - I LOVE your three 'furry-all-over' and I'm so happy that you've found a special furry one to include in your life.

Arvay said...

Allmycke, if you think Loki would like a friend, I'd not hesitate to get another dog. You should be aware though that the leap to two dogs is more than 2x the work! Going through life with two constant companions is quite a bit more cumbersome than with just one.

I'd bring Loki to meet all candidates, and take my time since he's only 5 and there's no rush. Sometimes dogs are "love at first sight" or "hate at first sight", so if you experience the first, you should jump on it, and if the latter, run away! With Starbuck it was neutral, which is probably more common.

Three dogs are more than a handful and probably 5x the work of 1. I would not have gotten myself into this fix, except that Autumn and Linden are litter mates and thus the exact same age. I could not bear the thought of either losing them both at once, or having a lonely old dog all alone at home while I am at work. So I had to integrate a new one before either of these things happened. But since Starbuck is 8 years younger than they are, I don't ever see myself being in this position again! I will from then on only have two dogs at a time!

I'm glad you enjoy my fuzzies by proxy! If I ever am in Sweden, we'll have to meet in person and trade lingonberry recipes!