Thursday, June 19, 2014

Notes from here and there...

1) Veggies for the week:

Rosie Creek Farm reports that shares are starting out slim due to the cold weather and unexpected mid-June frost (we dropped below freezing one night!).

2) Autumn lords it over Linden and Starbuck as they share the dog bed:

They make huskyballs together just as perfectly as Autumn and Linden always have.

3) So our electric cooperative, Golden Valley Electric Association, is somehow affiliated with rural electric cooperatives all over the Northwestern United States, and we get a very special monthly magazine, the Ruralite.

Ahhhh, the Ruralite. It's difficult to explain the Ruralite. It's apparently published in some way that allows for GVEA to include stuff for specifically for us Fairbanksans, while the rest of the magazine is for all of its rural readers. It includes fishing and hunting tips, "recipes" that instruct you how to assemble a casserole using a box of macaroni and cheese, and profiles of local folks from places like Pahrump and Walla Walla, who do things like make art out of old license plates. There are two sections of reader advertisements. The personals are usually along the lines of "Fit, Christian White male, 70 years young, seeks like-minded lady, age 30-92, for adventure/companionship". The other includes "Please donate Campbells Soup labels to Beaver, OR middle school. Address as follows..." or "I am trying to remember a recipe my gran made in Kentucky in the 1920s. It was a cherry cake with rum in the batter. If anyone has this recipe, please send it to Route 37, Box 252, Tumbleweed, ID..." or "My pawpaw used to sing a song that started 'We sing like larks in the name of the Lord'. Does anyone know the rest?"

Aaaaaaanyway, this month's Ruralite included this gem:

Oh Ruralite! Don't ever change.

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mdr said...

Yeah for Ruralite. It lights up my eye balls :)